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March 13 2014

Tips for Making Your Own Website

Learning how to build a website can be daunting for some and exiting for others. Before embarking on this fun journey, here are some useful tips that you should take into account:

- Don't use music. It will make your visitors leave immediately. Booming music when someone accesses your website is very disturbing and no one wants to hear music automatically when they just click to read something. 

- Avoid blinking text. It's really disturbing for the eyes.

- Don't ever use content from someone without having their permission. Copyrighted materials are serious business. A simple picture or text that you used without having permission to do so, can make them sue you. Always ask whether you can use something that you don't own otherwise it can be regarded as stealing.

- Make sure your text and background match. If they don't, the text will be difficult to read.

- Keep in mind that large pictures will prevent your website from loading quickly. No one likes slow pages. Some readers might get bored and leave the page if it takes too long to load.

- Avoid underlining phrases or words that are not links because visitors can assume that clicking on that phrase will lead them somewhere.

- Be consistent and don't play too much with fonts, colors and text sizes. Don't write each page with a different font or color. Some visitors might find that irritating or rather childish and unprofessional. Stick to a few colors and only use them throughout the whole site. Don't add the whole rainbow in the site.

- Don't violate your visitor's trust. Always respect their privacy. If you have a newsletter, don't ever send spam. Only send relevant and useful posts.

- Keep the content neat and remove broken links. If you deleted a certain post, make sure you remove the links that used to lead to it too.

- Be specific with links. Messages such as "Click on this link to read something great" are ambiguous and people don't like clicking on links without knowing what they'll find there.

- If you don't want banners or pop-ups on your website, you should pay for the hosting. Free  hosting services will add different types of ads on all of your pages. That looks very unreliable for some visitors.

- Stay away from flash pages. They might seem captivating, but most users are looking for interesting content and are pretty annoyed by these pages.

These guidelines are very easy to follow and will help you learn how to make your own website in an efficient and interesting way, without being disturbing for the visitors.

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